Welcome to Web 3 Edi

Web 3 Edi is a new Educational platform built using the blockchain to enable education that you control.

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What is Web 3 Edi?

Web 3 Edi is a new Decentralized education platform built on Web 3. It combines the latest in Web 3 protocols such as Livepeer, Filecoin / IPFS and more to deliver an exceptional student and educator experience.


With Web 3 Edi you your courses are accessible to you where ever you go as NFTs!


Share your learning easily with friends and family, without sharing logins or other complicated stuff!


With Web 3 Edi, everything you buy, you own.


Any courses or modules you own on Web 3 Edi can be easily traded on NFT marketplaces such as Rarible or OpenSea

About Web 3 Edi

Web 3 Edi was created at Web 3 Con 2022. It was developed with a view to democratizing education in favour of students and eductators, allowing students to learn not only what they want but also how they want.

Our mission is to bring beautiful, functional NFTs, DeFi and DAOs into the education space to enable learning in ways that have hitherto never been possible before. We want to enable user centric user powered learning where you own, you control and you monetize your learning data.

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Mint Your Candidate NFT


Mint your candidate NFT to get early access to Web3Edi and access to exclusive pre-launch airdrops!

Delayed to April 2023

Time Line

Web 3 Edi - Candidate NFT Minting

To access all the excitment and fun on web3Edi we will be enabling the minting of Candidate NFTs for our community. These will give you access to the Web 3 Edi OG NFT Drop, and certain free events and course previews on the Web 3 Edi platform later in the year

Polish ARt
Web 3 Edi - Spork Token Drop

Spork token is the governance token off Spork DAO the stewards of ETH Denver. More information on Spork can be found here.

Polish ARt
Web 3 Edi - OG NFT drop

As part of our community welcome we will be minting 20,000 unique Original Graduate NFTs which will be available to members of our community.

Each NFT will be a unique representation of Polish collectable art granting OGs exclusive access to future events and benefits.

Web 3 Edi - Beta Access

Beta access to Web 3 Edi is targeted for this summer, where we will be supporting many exciting and innovative communities and Micro Educational DAOs or ME-DAOs.